Quiet time is from 22:00 hours to 7:00 hours


• During daytime hours, excessive noise which causes disturbance to others (such as loud music or prolonged generator use) will not be tolerated.


• Open alcohol must be kept on campsites. Any traveling between campsites with open beverages is not permitted.


• The collection or burning of deadfall and pallet wood is prohibited.


• All fires must remain within the designated fire pits and cannot be left unattended.


• All vehicles and accommodation units (including tents) must remain on the gravel pad.


• Dogs and other domestic animals must remain on a leash or other restraining device at all times, even while on site.


• Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.


• Multiple accommodation units may occupy a site as long as all vehicles and camping units can fit on the gravel pad. Encroachment on the roadway or grassy areas is not permitted. (not in 2020 due to covid19)


• No more than 6 people per campsite.


• Each camping unit must register and pay.


• Campers must register and pay within 30 minutes of selecting a site.


• Any persons visiting a campsite must leave by 22:00 hours.


• Check-in time is after 14:00 hours, check-out time is 12:00 noon.


• Food, coolers, and garbage must not be left unattended on a site and must be put away inside a vehicle at night.


• Failure to comply with campground regulations will result in eviction.




Wapiti Campgrounds

Box 8585

Canmore, AB   T1W 2V3

Ph:  403-678-9511

Fax:  403-673-2591

Kananaskis Country